About us

NWMAS Ltd (North Wales Military Aviation Services Ltd) was formed in September 2001 to look after the maintenance of military aircraft types including Strikemaster, Jet Provost and Hunter. In June 2003 NWMAS Ltd expanded to take on light aircraft and helicopter maintenance in the below 2730kg group, adding an M3 approval to our A8-20 M5/E4 approval. In November 2005 the company added Gazelle, L29, L39 and Tucano to its A8-20 approval. In January 2006 NWMAS Ltd further expanded to add a EASA Part145 A2/A3 approval for aircraft below 5700kg and helicopters below 3175kg.

In December 2008 NWMAS Ltd became Part M Subpart G & I approved looking after the Continuing Airworthiness of civil aircraft and issuing Airworthiness Review Certificates in the EASA A2/A3 categories.

May 2014 NWMAS Ltd transitioned from A8-20 to A8-23 and A8-25 approvals with the following categories: A2/A3/A4; B1/B2; C1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 14, 15. Under the A2 approval we cover Aircraft Groups Single Engine Piston below 5700 Kg and Single Engine Turbine Unpressurised below 5700 Kg.

In January 2020 we changed from a Part M Subpart G&I approval to UK Part-CAO approval.

NWMAS Ltd have indirect approval for writing maintenance programmes for all categories of aircraft covered under our Part-CAO and A8-25 approvals.

NWMAS Ltd obtained UK MoD Mil Part 145 approval in 2016.

NWMAS Ltd has been a major source of obsolete military spares since 2001. In 2004 the Company added the Amjet and Royal Air Force of Oman stock of Strikemaster spares to our inventory. We hold a range of spares for the Rolls Royce Viper 535 engine including complete engines.

NWMAS Ltd can carry out repairs to aircraft or components and can reactivate aircraft that have not flown for many years.

We are in the process of adding overhaul capability for RR Viper engines to our A8-23 approval, with extensive investment on tooling and training.