NWMAS Ltd are A8-23 approved for maintenance on Annex II piston aircraft and ex-military piston and turbine aircraft types on the UK register.

We have a dedicated team of full time experienced engineers to ensure work is carried out to the highest standards required by the discerning customer, CAA and aircraft manufacturer.

We are the the organisation that has had the RAF TMk1Tucano accepted by the UK CAA for approval onto the UK register.

We hold a vast library of publications for each of the types on our approval and have an extensive range of the special tools required.

Our A8-23 mintenance is backed by a huge stock of British ex-military parts.

NWMAS Ltd can carry out maintenance, repair, reactivation or restoration of your aircraft using the original manufacturers manuals or where applicable the Air Force manuals for the particular aircraft.

We have approval and experience on the following Turbine engine aircraft types: Tucano, L39, Strikemaster, Jet Provost, L29 and Hunter.

Turbine Rotorcraft Gazelle SA341/342.

Spitfire and Hurricane Simple Single Engine piston aircraft are also covered under our capability.