About Part-CAO

NWMAS Ltd can manage the continuing airworthiness of your aircraft as required under CAA Regulation 1321-2014, the rules for the continuing airworthiness and maintenance of aircraft subject to CAA regulation. Part-CAO of this Regulation concerns the continuing airworthiness of Part 21 aircraft.

In accordance with Part-CAO, all Part 21 aircraft types that qualify for an Certificate of Airworthiness (CoA) are issued with a non expiring CoA, validated annually with an Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC).

A Part-CAO approval is required for ARC issues, extensions of validity and recommendations for re-issue.

NWMAS Ltd is a Part-CAO  approved organisation for aircraft below 5700kg and Gazelle helicopters, we are able to issue ARC’s for your aircraft and  if we have managed your aircraft for the previous twelve months, renew your ARC by extension.

Please follow this link to the CAA website and scroll through to UK.CAO.0044 , NWMAS Ltd approval reference, for current aircraft ratings covered under our approval: