About A8-23 and A8-25

NWMAS Ltd holds CAA BCAR’s A8-23 and A8-25 approval for maintenance and issue of CAA NARC and Permit to Fly for Annex II and ex-military aircraft, approval number DAI/9803/01. NWMAS Ltd can issue/extend NARC and carry out Permit to Fly Certificate of Validity renewals using the CAA Online systems.

A8-23 is fully described in CAP553, and allows NWMAS Ltd to carry out maintenance on Annex II aircraft used for CAT or private use. Ex-military aircraft must be maintained by an appropriately approved organisation.

For new ex-military aircraft types going onto the UK register an A8-25 approved company must submit a design report confirming that the aircraft is suitable for the issue of a Permit to Fly. For new types this requires the submission of the safety case and an outline of the basic details of the aircraft so that the CAA can determine the category the aircraft will be approved under. These categories are: Simple single engine piston (Spitfire etc); intermediate (all turbine aircraft unless deemed complex i.e. Tucano, Hunter, Strikemaster etc); complex (Vulcan).

Aircraft in the first two categories listed above are viable for most owners as they can be maintained and supported by an A8-23 approved organisation.

Approval Certificate DAI.9803.01 14.05.14